At King Print & Promo, We are a Team!

We believe a great team creates happy customers. A great team is made up of people who love what they do and have the tools and knowledge to do it well. We have just that, the passion, means, and experience to help you.

We know and understand the healthcare community. Our specialized and experienced team helps healthcare professionals communicate their message to patients, referral sources, and their community. We target their ideal patient using print, direct mail, promotional products, and marketing strategies.

We don’t save lives like many of our customers do, but every day we make a difference in the lives of our customers by making their jobs easier and by putting smiles on their faces. We love getting to know the people and practices we work with and we take their success personally. We build relationships where we become a part of your team.

Dr. McFakerson told you he needs appointment cards? After a few simple steps for your first order, it will be as easy as calling us and saying, “I need a reorder of appointment cards for Dr. McFakerson.”

We enjoy helping people, we like to listen, and we always love a good laugh. Get to know us and you will be anxious to add

Meet the King Print & Promo team!

Captain of the Ship

Taking on the calm seas and rugged waters that churn from time to time, Paul sets sail meeting customer partners and anchors himself in helping them with their success.

COO (Chai Operating Officer)

Eileen sips her Chai tea throughout the day. Literally. Our largest consumer of water and tea in the office oversees projects, guides day-to-day operations, and manages the books.


Dan smoothly fields line drives, writing, and other content creation. He also makes sure that great teamwork is always in play.


This place gets crazy! Lauren nudges us to keep on time, on track and moving forward. She keeps meetings, events, and customers in the air effortlessly. Lauren is also our in-house decorator.

Creative Assassin

Jaynell is a killer designer. She sets her target and uses her creative guns to take out each new project that comes across her desk.

Tour de Typesetter

Brian pedals his way through formatting forms, Rx pads, and referral pads. He also turns gears to take on the creative hill.

Core Values

  • Providing excellent value through innovative ideas, quality products, and obsession with making your life easier
  • Consistent & Reliable.  We have grey hair so you don’t have to.  Once a project is entrusted to us, you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • We make your story STAND OUT.  Forget the status quo; we use unconventional thinking and ideas to make your message engaging and memorable.


The Branding Bunch is a group of nine branding professionals that came together to discuss how to reshape their business. Made up of unique individuals, they share their own perspectives, strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies to collectively create new ideas for the branding and visual messaging space.

iPROMOTEu (IPU) provides support to industry companies including enhanced buying power, back-office functions, and sales & marketing support.  King is one of over 600 affiliated independent distributors, and has been part of the Elite 100 group for the last 4 years.  Perhaps the most significant benefit that we have realized since affiliating with IPU is our expanded network of distributors, suppliers and other industry experts.  We’ve learned more from our peers than we could have imagined, and have developed some great new partnerships.

PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) is a non-for-profit association that provides member companies with educational programs, industry certifications, technology tools, and national and regional networking opportunities.  Additionally, PPAI plans and puts on the largest industry event and trade show, the PPAI Expo, typically held in Las Vegas every January.

Causes we Support

Newark Area Welfare Committee (NAWC) is a local, all-volunteer organization that looks out for the most vulnerable among us.  We support them through volunteer service, contributions, and in-kind discounts on many of their promotional materials.

Paul and Eileen were humbled to be awarded NAWC’s Good Neighbor award in 2014 in recognition of King’s support for their mission. 

Rotary International (RI) is 1.2 million members in nearly 200 countries helping their communities, regions, and the world.  Their signature global project is the effort to eradicate polio from the face of the earth.  And they espouse ethical behaviors as evidenced by the four-way test that all members think, say, and do:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Newark Morning Rotary (NMR) is one of approximately 35,000 clubs in Rotary International.  NMR has about 45 members from various leadership roles in their organizations and community.  We are a “roll up our sleeve” group that participates in dozens of hands-on service projects each year.

Paul is a past president, current board member, membership chair and an enthusiastic member.

The Seeing Eye (TSE) is a nonprofit that breeds and trains dogs to be guides for the blind.  In between the weaning of the puppies, and the training of dogs (starting at about 18 months), TSE recruits volunteer families (usually in NY, PA, NJ, and DE) to “raise” the puppies.  The volunteers are trained, and their primary responsibilities include teaching basic commands, exposing the puppies to many situations, and most of all showering them with love.

Paul, Eileen, and their son Daniel were puppy raisers for 10 TSE pups over a 15 year period, as well as active members of a local club: Guiding Paws of Delaware.  If you ask nicely, they’d be happy to share photos, videos, and stories of their experiences.

The Newark Partnership (TNP) is a community coalition in our home town of Newark, Delaware, that works to enhance the quality of our community for residents, students, organizations, and visitors.  Their three “pillars” are a) economic enhancement, b) community engagement, and c) nonprofit.

Paul is a founding member, co-chair of the board, and co-chair of the civic engagement committee.

Camp Fairlee (on the eastern shore of Maryland) provides a camp experience for children and young adults of all ages and abilities.  While campers enjoy their time at Camp Fairlee, their families are able to take a much needed break from care-giving.

Several members of the King team participate in Work Days at the camp in the springtime, helping prepare the grounds for the arrival of campers and counselors.  We perform tasks such as gardening, painting, and general maintenance of the grounds.  We also help Newark Morning Rotary purchase and pack counselor welcome bags.

St. John’s – Holy Angels is a Roman Catholic faith-based community in Newark, DE.  The parish comprises two unique churches, a K-8 elementary school, several thousand families, and hundreds of ministries.

Several of our team members belong to this faith community, and volunteer as music ministers, RCIA coordinators and guides, Eucharistic ministers, school athletics coaches, the Knights of Columbus, and as members of the liturgy committee.