Cooler Gift Set

union cooler gift set

Project: Union Hospital Cooler Gift Set

Items: Cooler, T-shirt, Infuser Water Bottle, Calendar Planner, Hot/Cold Pack, Pen, Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm, Letter Opener

This gift set has something for everyone! Everything is conveniently packed into a nice, branded cooler for easy carrying. But once you look inside, there’s so much more. Inside this wonderful gift is a T-shirt with imprints on the front and back; a water bottle with a built-in infuser for those seeking something new and refreshing; a calendar planner to help keep your life in order; a plush hot/cold pack for any use; a stylized pen; a handy miniature spray bottle of hand sanitizer; lip balm to keep you from getting chapped; and a letter opener to prevent those pesky paper cuts.