Medical Booklet Brochure with Inserts

Dedicated to Women Brochure Spread

Project: Dedicated to Women Booklet Brochure

Target: New Patients

Items: Booklet Brochure, Stepped Inserts, Business Card

A large OB/GYN practice had a great reputation in the community, and had just revamped their website. But the collateral material they gave to referral sources and potential new patients was dated and hard to read.

We needed to tell a comprehensive story without the reader losing interest early on. And we wanted to create something that could be used for years, even though they were in growth mode, adding providers and locations at a regular rate.

We settled on;
– booklet brochure format; allowed us to spread out the story, without cramming lots of information in a tiny space. It also allowed us to be generous with including photos because of the available space.
– providers (physicians, physician assistant, and nurse midwives) and treatment locations were profiled using inserts that could be placed in a back-page pocket. By using these inserts, the beautiful booklet brochure didn’t become obsolete the next time a provider was added.

Our customer was pretty happy with how it turned out. What do you think?