What message are you sending?

Does your front desk staff smile and make eye contact when someone enters your office?  When is the last time you had your reception area painted, or had the carpet professionally cleaned?  Is your parking lot brightly lit, and does it have clear white lines?  Are the magazines in your waiting room older than dirt, […]

Do your patients understand you?

Some days would be easier if everyone (your staff, patients, potential patients, insurance reps, etc.) spoke the same language as you.  But these days, that’s a fantasy world.  The reality is that there are MANY people living in our neighborhoods whose primary language is different than ours.  What is a practice to do? Have you […]

Looking good at outdoor events

Summer and early fall are prime time for outdoor events including community fairs, 5K fundraisers, food & drink festivals, and health fairs.  Many of these events welcome exhibitors, and offer a great opportunity for you to meet current and potential patients in a relaxed, non-clinical environment. If you’d like to become more visible in your […]