Everything is Marketing!

I recently read a book, and it was such a good read, I thought I’d share my thoughts here. Everything Is Marketing; The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth was written for dental practices, but all the principles can be applied to a medical practice, or to any customer facing business. The author, Fred Joyal, founded 1-800-DENTIST, and during […]

Print vs. Digital – Surprising Findings

I’m a big reader. I read dozens of blogs, hundreds of articles about business and marketing, and 23 books every month on my beloved Kindle. Many friends tell me they prefer actual books over electronic media like ereaders, tablets or cell phones. It appears there is science to back up their preference. A recent Washington Post article, Why digital natives […]

Do you sell yourself as cheap?

I got to thinking about this because every day a customer tells me they can buy something cheaper from someone else than they can from me. It’s really hard for me to hear that because we work so hard to provide awesome products at great prices. Many of my customers (medical and dental practices) deal with the same […]