Do you sell yourself as cheap?

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I got to thinking about this because every day a customer tells me they can buy something cheaper from someone else than they can from me. It’s really hard for me to hear that because we work so hard to provide awesome products at great prices. Many of my customers (medical and dental practices) deal with the same feedback regularly. What do you say when a patient says “Dr. Jones down the street offers that same service for $100 less”?

Forgive me for comparing the healthcare services you provide to the marketing services I provide. But there is something important in common; our respective customers don’t really know how to judge good versus bad. To new patients, all doctors look the same, and they’d love to believe that by choosing the least expensive option, they’ll save money and still get good care.

Something I’ve learned (the hard way, as I learn most things) is that selling on low price is rarely a winning strategy. If someone starts a “relationship” with you because of a low price, they’re likely to leave you for greener pastures at some point, since you can never be the cheapest all the time (nor should you want to be).

So if you feel so bold as to handle price objections the same way I do … Don’t talk price, talk VALUE. Here’s things I say pretty regularly that I’m giving you permission to coopt for your own purposes:

  • I offer great value, which means when blending the cost (in dollars & cents) with the quality of service, and the benefit of my unique skill and experience, you can’t do better.
  • Our prices are completely fair when comparing apples to apples. If you feel you need to spend less money, I won’t be offended if you buy elsewhere. I’ll welcome you back with open arms if you find that the lower price wasn’t as satisfying as you hoped.
  • I like to think my customers are looking to invest their money with me, not simply spend it. As with a good investment, a relationship with King Medical will look really good over time.

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