Birth of a Brochure

Does your practice have a printed brochure that tells patients (and potential patients) the “story of you”?  Based on my casual observations, approximately 75% of practices DO NOT have one. In many cases, it’s because the practice managers and doctors can’t figure out how to get from nothing to something without their heads exploding. So […]

Forget patient engagement; let’s talk patient retention!

But patient retention IS important, far more important than in years past.  Keeping patients used to mean nothing more than: accepting their insurance coverage providing service that wasn’t completely terrible When carriers were footing the bill, and all practices treated patients the same, patient attrition was virtually nonexistent.  Several recent developments have changed the rules: […]

Is it NAP time?

You work hard; we work hard.  Who doesn’t love a well-timed power nap?  However, today we’re not talking about sleep; we’re talking about a really, really important NAP. NAP is online speak for Name-Address-Phone.  Well, every practice has those three things, so what’s the big deal?  Let me explain.  Most practices have either moved, added […]