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Does your practice have a printed brochure that tells patients (and potential patients) the “story of you”?  Based on my casual observations, approximately 75% of practices DO NOT have one.

In many cases, it’s because the practice managers and doctors can’t figure out how to get from nothing to something without their heads exploding.

So let’s talk about the gestational period for a practice brochure:

CONCEPTION.  Much like human reproduction, a brochure is conceived immediately after that certain gleam in your eyes.  


This is a very important developmental phase.  To build a proper foundation, we need to think about those things that make your practice unique and special.  Most people aren’t interested in the same old story; they’re drawn to a new and exciting story.  Good examples include:

  • unusual practice personalities (colorful, funny, etc.); my family doc has a joke waiting for every patient
  • association with a community organization or cause (like the eye doctor that sponsors guide dogs)
  • personal, human touch service (if your practice actually has humans answer the phone) 


Now our embryo is starting to develop.  It may be time to bring in a midwife (or maybe a graphic artist or copy writer) to offer a lending hand.  Even though virtually all physicians are very bright, this is the time for specialized expertise.  Talk to an expert to start combining your ideas with pragmatic design and production considerations (for instance # of folds, shape & size, paper stocks, unique print effects).  


Now we’re in the home stretch.  Color schemes, size & shape, visual imagery and overall content are moving from concept to full development.  This tends to be a very exciting time; we’re creating something from scratch, and can only imagine how beautiful it might be!  Can you feel the baby kicking yet?


Like a newborn, your brochure reflects its parents.  Your practice brochure is beautiful; the culmination of a wonderful partnership between your unique story, and your designers creative talents.   Hand them out to everyone; new patients, potential patients, referring physicians, and everyone in your building.  Now get ready for all the beautiful baby compliments.

If you’d like to see several examples of practices brochures that went from “gleam in the eye” to “newborn excitement”, just ask.  We’ll be happy to mail you several samples that are bound to get those maternal/paternal juices flowing.

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