Happy patients SHOULD create new patients

I’ll bet you have MANY happy patients. Do you have any idea how many of them have referred at least one family member or friend that has then scheduled an appointment with you? In most practices, 90% of patients say they would refer someone, but well less than 10% actually do. Why?? There are usually […]

Puppy profile – Garon

Did you know our owner, Paul, raises future Seeing Eye dogs? He’s part of a program from The Seeing Eye where puppy raisers throughout the northeast receive a puppy after being weaned at about seven weeks, and then love the heck out of them for about a year, after which time they return to The […]

Is junk mail really junk?

We help many practices get their message out to existing patients, potential patients, referring docs, etc. There are hundreds of ways to communicate a message. One way is using good ol’ fashioned snail mail. When we discuss the relative pros and cons of mail, we frequently hear “nobody looks at that stuff; it’s junk.”. While […]