Puppy profile – Garon

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Did you know our owner, Paul, raises future Seeing Eye dogs? He’s part of a program from The Seeing Eye where puppy raisers throughout the northeast receive a puppy after being weaned at about seven weeks, and then love the heck out of them for about a year, after which time they return to The Seeing Eye for professional training, and then placement as a guide dog for a blind person.

Paul and his family have raised eight puppies, the most recent being Garon. Garon arrived cute as a button, and promptly let everyone know who was the boss. He was a typically playful pup, and never lost that energy the whole time he was with us.  As he grew older and larger, it was clear Garon was bred to be a worker. He loved having something to do, like taking long walks, visiting King customers, or teaching Paul and the other folks at King how to behave properly. Even though his independent spirit could be challenging at times, his lovable nature made him completely awesome.

All of Garon’s hard work paid off. He was placed with a young man in Canada who started college shortly thereafter. Thus starts another doggie love story!

Paul took a brief break from puppy raising due to frequent visits to Boston to visit his first grandchild, but he expects puppy #9 to arrive in late January. Stay tuned for some more really cute photos 🙂


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