The dog days of King Medical.

Yes, King Medical has gone to the dogs. We’re a fairly animal friendly workplace. This evolved for several reasons; Paul, our owner, raises puppies to be future Seeing Eye dogs, and bringing them to the office is an important part of their exposure training Nothing lowers stress and returns sanity faster than a kiss or […]

Should you wear a name badge?

I’ve heard every excuse for not wearing names badges: I keep losing it. It will ruin my clothes. Everyone knows who I am. The dog ate it. They are all lame. One reason for wearing them trumps all excuses; it’s good for your patient! Give some consideration to something you already know: virtually all patients […]

What file format should my logo be in?

Logos are beautiful, logos are unique, but getting your logo in the proper format for several different uses can seem mind-boggling.  Here’s a brief primer on the two primary file format types for logos: Raster Raster images are by far the most common. They are made up of rows of pixels, similar to a mosaic. […]