The dog days of King Medical.

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Yes, King Medical has gone to the dogs.

We’re a fairly animal friendly workplace. This evolved for several reasons;

  1. Paul, our owner, raises puppies to be future Seeing Eye dogs, and bringing them to the office is an important part of their exposure training
  2. Nothing lowers stress and returns sanity faster than a kiss or cuddle from man’s best friend


Today we profile Mia (#1; we actually have two Mia dogs at King). Mia comes and goes with Brian, but she really belongs to all of us. She is absolutely beautiful, somewhat reminiscent of Pete the Pup from the old Our Gang TV series.

She’s a rescue, and Brian is pretty certain she’s a pitbull boxer mix, also known as a bullboxer pit or American bullboxer. She is very friendly and at 8 years old, rather calm. She loves meeting new people and giving kisses. Her short hair is amazingly soft, making it hard to not become addicted to petting her.

Our UPS driver carries dog treats with him and Mia knows it.  When our loading dock door opens, you really don’t want to be between Mia and the UPS truck!

Mia’s favorite activity at the office is napping. You can often hear her snoring from under Brian’s desk. A close second is cuddling on Jaynell’s lap or at her feet.  Here’s some photos to lower YOUR stress level.


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