Should you wear a name badge?

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I’ve heard every excuse for not wearing names badges:

  • I keep losing it.
  • It will ruin my clothes.
  • Everyone knows who I am.
  • The dog ate it.

They are all lame.

One reason for wearing them trumps all excuses; it’s good for your patient! Give some consideration to something you already know: virtually all patients are pretty stressed when visiting the doctor. If you and all of your patient-facing staff wear name badges, and it makes your patients feel just a tiny bit more comfortable, then do it!

Here are several benefits:

  • Patients don’t need to be embarrassed that they don’t remember someone’s name. After two or three different people without name badges assist a patient, the patient may forget who is who.
  • A patient may enjoy being able to address your staff by name. This enhances their personal experience and comfort level.
  • People are more likely to remember a name if they see it and hear it.
  • Staff do not always introduce themselves, if badges include name and title or job function (like “medical assistant” or “nurse practitioner”) the staff won’t need to focus on introductions and patients won’t worry about whether your staff is qualified to see them.
  • If badges include a photo, patients won’t worry if you really work there.
  • As an added benefit, it the badge includes your practice name and logo, you’ll be building your brand in the most powerful positive way, by associating your brand with your people.

Have all of your patient-facing staff wear them; front desk, MAs, nurses, doctors, techs, etc. It may be the easiest, least expensive way to make your patients visit a little more personal.

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