Can stories be your secret weapon?

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In our last post, we started the discussion on the power of stories to connect and engage.  I wrote a short story, and left you all hanging at the end.  Did it grab you??

Michelle is our protagonist, and she’s realizing her tried-and-true methods of persuasion aren’t working so well anymore.  Presentations with slide decks.  Emails with infographics.  Social posts with “top 6 reasons”.  All not getting her anywhere.

And then … she watched a TEDx talk about storytelling.  WOW!  Andrea Gibbs (for TEDx Perth; yes, that Perth) tells a funny, embarrassing and ridiculously courageous story.

It is 12 and a half minutes long, and I promise you’ll thank me for making you watch it.

My takeaways;

  • we can’t always choose the stories we have in our lives
  • taking risks is often worth it
  • when we’re courageous enough to be vulnerable …
  • stories have an amazing power to grab us and hold tight

If you missed the first post in this series, you can find it here.  And check back in a week for the next part of our story about stories.  For more information about TEDx, visit

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