2022 Color of the Year; Very Peri

Pantone, a New Jersey firm which is widely considered the standard bearer for color science and trends, has named Pantone 17-3938 (Very Beri) as it’s 2022 Color of the Year.  Marketers and branding professionals should consider getting their purple on!  According to Pantone, Very Peri is “a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet […]

Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Our friends at sageworld.com penned an interesting look at graphic design trends.  Some we love, and some, not so much.  But love them or hate them, trends have an energy and trajectory all their own.  We think they are important to be aware of, but not to be used at the peril of your own […]

Can stories be your secret weapon?

In our last post, we started the discussion on the power of stories to connect and engage.  I wrote a short story, and left you all hanging at the end.  Did it grab you?? Michelle is our protagonist, and she’s realizing her tried-and-true methods of persuasion aren’t working so well anymore.  Presentations with slide decks.  […]

The Importance of Stories

Michelle is one of the smartest people I know, and is equally at home on a sales call, in the boardroom, or in a book club.  Her education and work experience makes her strategic and decisive, and her personal and family life built her consensus-building and nurturing skills. Her professional growth has been impressive, in […]

Podcasts; What’s worth listening to?

So you might be interested in putting your toe in the podcast pool.  As I’ve written before, there are SOOOO many choices.  Here are some that I really like; I hope this helps you find your own podcast groove. BUSINESS WorkLife with Adam Grant; organizational psychologists studies “how to make work not suck” Masters of […]

Virtual events; first-hand report

This pandemic has forced us to do things we never thought we’d do; some good, some not so much.  But for those of us who relied on events to tell our story up-close-and-personal, it’s been a particularly difficult transition. Virtual events can be amazing, and they can be horrible, and the difference-makers are not always […]

Touch; even more important now!

We’ve written before on the power of touch.  There are lots of articles, studies, and interest in the science of haptics in marketing and other communication tools. But in this upside-down world where we’re all socially distancing, isolating, and otherwise separating ourselves from nearly everyone, we are all craving touch more than ever. Have you […]

WFH help we can all use

  Before the pandemic, when I spent so much time in the car, I was a podcast junkie.  In this pandemic world, I’ve had to rethink my day to feed my habit. One of my favorite podcasts is WorkLife with Adam Grant.  Adam is an organizational psychologist at the Wharton School, and he studies “how […]

Podcasts; Why should I care??

I’m a baby boomer, and I’m hooked on podcasts.  But I have first-hand knowledge that other people of all ages and backgrounds don’t really know what all the fuss is about.  So I’d like to share my thoughts.   Before the pandemic, I spent a LOT of time in the car.  I love listening to […]

The incredible power of TOUCH

We all know how difficult it can be to get your message across today.  Social media, news channels, television, radio, Internet browsing, driving on the highway; everyone wants a piece of our consciousness.  It’s really noisy out there, and just yelling louder may not get results. So why aren’t we touching the people we want […]