Did I Catch You Stealing?

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Sorry if the post title seems like “click bait.”  However, this is an important conversation and I wanted to get your attention.

It seems many businesses (including medical & dental practices) are not familiar with the concept of intellectual property.  Or at least how it pertains to the use of photos and images.  This includes on their web sites, social media, and print collateral.

Think of photos and images like music (on your phone / iPod™) or reading material (on your phone / Kindle™).  Would you use them without legally obtaining them?  Think of photos and images the same way.  You can’t legally just copy and paste a random picture from the internet onto your computer and use it as you please.  The image creator has rights, and by using their image without permission you are likely breaking the law; and definitely showing poor form.

Also, why would you want to associate an anonymous image with your practice’s identity? Shouldn’t your visual identity be unique to you?  Shouldn’t it represent your brand?  You wouldn’t want prospective customers thinking you’re cheap and/or lazy.  That would just be poor marketing.

Images, like photos and drawings, can be a VERY powerful way to communicate a message.  I’m not suggesting you stop using images.  But you should spend a moment looking into legitimate methods for creating or obtaining images.  There are many stock image sites out there offering thousands of images for reasonable prices.  And better than stock images are custom images that are created specifically for use with your practice.  Our favorite images are professional photos of YOU and your team. Besides, having an image that people associate specifically with your practice is great marketing.

So stop taking what isn’t yours, and give your identity the differentiation it deserves.  Make your images reflect your brand. Contact us today so we can get started on making your logo one of a kind!

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