Masks are now part of the “uniform”

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In the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic face masks became mainstream. Most thought it was a short-term thing, never considering creating custom designs. And because masks were initially tied to disease and suffering, branding them seemed in bad taste. Boy how the tide has changed …

These masks are not a passing fad, and with every passing day, millions of people are looking for ones that better represent their personal style or their passion. Now, instead of masks being associated with disease, they are associated with good citizenship and helping others. Who doesn’t want to be linked to those traits?

Iconic brands like Disney, Banana Republic, and most major sports franchises are creating branded face masks by the truckload.  And why not?  Face masks are quickly becoming a fashion statement, and for organizations looking to expand the reach of their brands, telling a story on your employees and/or customers faces is a big win.

Whether the mask displays a simple logo, or goes a step (or more) further to include fashionable stylized branding, it will be in a really highly visible place. For examples and ideas. check out our Safety Meets Branding online showroom, our reach out via phone, email or Zoom to discuss what makes sense for you.  Stay safe out there!!

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