Podcasts; What’s worth listening to?

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So you might be interested in putting your toe in the podcast pool.  As I’ve written before, there are SOOOO many choices.  Here are some that I really like; I hope this helps you find your own podcast groove.


WorkLife with Adam Grant; organizational psychologists studies “how to make work not suck”

Masters of Scale; accomplished guests talk using leadership, strategy, and yes, failure, to grow

The Brian Buffini Show; Irish-born master realtor shares his brogue and classic sales strategies

Business Wars; the unauthorized stories behind Coke vs Pepsi and other iconic rivalries


People I (Mostly) Admire; interviews high achievers and asks unusual questions with unpredictable results

Spark & Fire; explores creativity by interviewing people in every corner of the innovation spectrum

Where Should We Begin? Iconic therapist explores the secrets of great relationships

Invisabilia; fuses narrative storytelling with science to make you see your own life differently


No Stupid Questions; 2 smart people field 2 thoughtful questions per episode, with fascinating insights

Freakonomics; using economic principles to (interestingly I promise) explain things a different way

Revisionist History; Malcolm Gladwell looks at something from the past and asks “did we get that right?”


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know; live game show that is simultaneously really fun and educational

Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me; current events knowledge; what’s real, and what did they make up?

Serial; true stories covered in detail over an entire season

This American Life; public radio show with stories featuring funny moments, big feelings, and plot twists

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend; he interviews interesting people; sometimes thoughtful, always fun


These are all great, BUT by no means comprehensive.  PLEASE HELP OUT MY TRIBE!  Tell us some of your favorite podcasts.

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