The Branding Bunch!!

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What do YOU do when your work life is turned upside down, your entire team is working from home, and your customers are shut down by the executive order of the governor? What I did was reach out to some friends who own businesses similar to mine (visual communications & creative branding), and asked them to get together with me regularly to strategize, ide-ate, and (honestly) whine a bit with friends who get it.

It’s been everything I hoped, plus lots I could have never imagined.  We’ve shared great stories and ideas, but more importantly, we’ve CREATED amazing ideas and strategies that we would never have come up with on our own.  There’s just something that happens when you get a great group dynamic, and we have definitely found lightning in a bottle here.

The coolest thing that has come out of our weekly kibitzing is The Branding Bunch!  After 3 or 4 sessions, someone said we need to come up with a name for our group) to make it easier to tell our teams and families what we were doing when all the belly laughing was happening).  And my friend Theresa said “look at us; we look just like The Brandy Bunch!” (see above how we look on Zoom)  And she went on to say “We should call ourselves The Branding Bunch!” And that, my friends, ♫ is the way we be – came The Branding Bunch!♬

So we make movies.  What might happen if you take some time and energy to connect with some of your respected peers?  While COVID has its horrible side, there are also silver linings a-plenty.  One is that now is a perfect time to reassess what is important to you, and where you REALLY want to get to.  And just maybe, your friends who have similar roles might be just the right recipe for success!

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