Work From home is NOT going away!

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This is our first in a series of Lean Into Work From Home posts; enjoy!


You know, I know, we all know that COVID changed the face of the workplace for the last 60 days.  But if you think everything is going back to “normal” after the governor lifts the state of emergency, and the CDC declares the pandemic over, I’m pretty sure you’re mistaken.


Work From Home (WFH) was not invented in response to a wildly contagious virus.  It’s been a thing for years.  Actually a big thing.  But now it’s huge, and while many people will ultimately head back to the office in the coming months, for scores of companies and workers, WFH will be the new normal.  For companies, reduced overhead, increased access to talent and higher productivity have been a revelation.  For team members, flexibility, reduced commute time & expense, and the realization that they can really WFH will change their expectations forever.


While it’s terrible that it took a killer virus to turn us in this direction, we can still make the best of this, and start preparing now to make our companies and our teams more effective than we previously imagined possible.


While King Print & Promo can’t single-handedly make you a WFH master, we can offer many tools and programs to give you a great head start.  Remote employee engagement, distance onboarding, no-contact sales & marketing, and distributive brand rallying are all in our toolbox, and we want to team up with you to stay 5 steps ahead in your space.


Look for the upcoming ideas in this series, or better yet, reach out to us NOW for innovative and exciting ideas to lean into WFH.



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