Are you brand-forward even when working remotely?

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There have been a million little details to quickly work out once your team started working from home.  One thing we’ve seen largely ignored is the importance of keeping your company brand front and center.

Your office spaces were loaded with your unique branding, from the signage to the paint and carpet colors, to the shirts most of your business development people were wearing.  But with much of your team not coming into the office, the boost your company culture gets from the look and feel of your office space is lost.  And now that your employees are meeting customers virtually, those branding queues are missing.

Remote work doesn’t mean branding is no longer important, or even impossible to deploy.  Here are a few relatively easy steps to get your brand back in the game, and get back a big slice of your culture you’ve built over many years;

  • Brand your employees.  No, I’m not saying to have your logo tattooed on their foreheads.  But you can suggest logoed shirts be worn when they are Zooming.  But the logo can’t be in the standard left-chest location.  It needs to be near the shoulder to be seen on most webcam shots.  There is no better place to reinforce your brand than on the team members who reinforce that brand.
  • Frequently used office items.  Your team is missing out on much of the culture you physically crafted in your office.  But you can send a slice of that home to their new remote workspaces.  Things like logoed drink tumblers, notebooks, pens and notepads will subliminally remind your staff (and the people they interact with virtually) what team they are on.
  • No-so-virtual video background.  Video conferencing systems like Zoom have the ability to create virtual backgrounds (like beach scenes or famous travel destinations), but there are often issues with how webcams handle your employees movement.  It is ever so easy to have physical backgrounds created, like floor-standing retractable banners, or chair-mounted pop-up backgrounds, that have been designed with your company branding.

If you’d like to discuss how to implement these or any other work-from-home branding ideas, please call or email us.  We’re also happy to show you photos of similar projects we’ve completed for other teams, or suggest things that could work well based on our knowledge of your culture and your brand.  Don’t hesitate to reach out; we miss you!!



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