Touch; even more important now!

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We’ve written before on the power of touch.  There are lots of articles, studies, and interest in the science of haptics in marketing and other communication tools.

But in this upside-down world where we’re all socially distancing, isolating, and otherwise separating ourselves from nearly everyone, we are all craving touch more than ever.

Have you ever noticed that you spend more time studying and enjoying an old-school 4×6 photo print (that you hold in your hands) compared to a social media or website photo?  That’s because your brain is wired to give more importance to stimulus coming from both your sense of sight AND touch.

Are you using this power in your marketing, recruiting, or other important communications?

Imagine a marketing campaign that adds a targeted mailing (perhaps to your most important referral sources and influencers) really nice branded journal, or a recruiting drive where you custom-woven socks (with a compelling design) to sought-after candidate pools.  Not only is your message attached to something that will be used and seen over and over again, but the visual, combined with haptic, feedback will amplify your message.

Email, social media, SEO and other purely visual communication have it’s place.  But let’s face it; that stuff is everywhere and often overwhelming due to pure volume. How about adding a differentiator that helps your message cut through all that clutter?

Let’s talk!  We’re happy to discuss your objectives, share our ideas and experiences, and see if there’s an intersection that can get you the results you crave.

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