WFH help we can all use

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Before the pandemic, when I spent so much time in the car, I was a podcast junkie.  In this pandemic world, I’ve had to rethink my day to feed my habit.

One of my favorite podcasts is WorkLife with Adam Grant.  Adam is an organizational psychologist at the Wharton School, and he studies “how to make work not suck”.  How can I not love that??

You’d be doing yourself a favor to check it out.  And regarding the subject of working from home, you should specifically listen to the episode named How science can fix remote work.

Adam’s podcasts are awesome because a) he and his team research the heck out of their topic, and b) they present the info in an amusing and engaging way.  In this podcast you’ll learn;

  • those facial expressions and body language you thought were so important; they’re not
  • taking a mental trip to the future can help you be far more effective in the present

Listen, and let me and my friends know what you think!


Credits:  WorkLife is a TED original podcast featuring Adam Grant. Learn more at


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