Is a good logo important for my practice?

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I’ve met with MANY practices, and seen MANY logos.  Most are good, some are okay, and several are atrocious.  I still regularly encounter practices that have no logo.  My off-the-cuff market analysis is:

25% of practices think a good logo is an important part of their marketing strategy

25% of practices think a logo is a waste of time & money

50% of practices think “who cares?”

If you actively market your practice (now or in the foreseeable future) via web site, practice brochures, social media, targeted mailing. etc., a consistently-used logo makes each of these efforts more effective.  How?  Visual cues are very powerful, and by using your logo across all of your communication platforms, you are working your way into people’s subconscious, and every time they see your imagery, you become more tangible to them.

An effectively designed logo can take this a step further.  Through the use of colors, shapes, fonts, and other design elements, a logo can evoke subtle emotional reactions in your audience, helping you to reinforce the “face of your practice”.

If you have a logo, but you’re not sure it accurately portrays your practice, it’s okay to consider a change.  Many savvy organizations change their logo periodically as their company evolves.  Plus, a new logo offers a good reason to reach out to your existing patients, potential patients, and referral sources to tell them what’s new at your practice.

So, to answer the question “Is a good logo important for my practice?”;

  • if you actively market your practice; YES
  • if you have 2 or more communication vehicles (online or print); YES
  • if you need to appeal to more patients, and or more referring physicians; YES
  • if you have a full caseload, have a surplus of referral sources, and see no end in sight; NO

If you’re in the last category, good for you!  That’s an extremely rare place to be these days.  If you’d like to discuss your existing logo, or consider a new one, we’d be happy to chat.

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