Jazz up your business card!

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The business card is the workhorse of your visual communications.  It gets your name and contact info out in the community, it’s an easy and convenient reference tool, it reinforces your practice brand, and it’s really cost-effective.

Unfortunately, many practices are missing the boat on an inexpensive and effective way to give their message and image a boost.  I’d guess most practices that are 20+ years old have never changed the design of their business or appointment card.

For less than $100 per year (in most cases), you can radically transform your business card so that it;

  1. doesn’t look like a million other cards (thus getting lost in the crowd)
  2. better represents your image


Here are a few ideas to dress up your card;

  • Color.  Ten years ago, printing a card in full color was an expensive proposition.  Today, full-color business card are pretty inexpensive.
  • Rounded corners.  Using rounded corners instead of square-cut corners is a fairly easy way to make your card different.
  • Unique print techniques.  Raised print, foil stamping and embossing are just several of the ways commercial printers can make the printed images on your card literally stand out.
  • Different shapes.  Die-cutting allows business card printers to produce almost any shape imaginable.  How about round, oval, foot, bone, tooth or eye shaped cards?
  • Folding.  If you have many providers and/or locations, using a larger card that is folded can give you a card that is both unique, plus has the real estate to communicate more info.

Give your business card a little love; it will most certainly repay the favor!

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