Are you brand-forward even when working remotely?

  There have been a million little details to quickly work out once your team started working from home.  One thing we’ve seen largely ignored is the importance of keeping your company brand front and center. Your office spaces were loaded with your unique branding, from the signage to the paint and carpet colors, to […]

Are you buying stuff, or solving problems?

We are a B2B (business-to-business) supplier of branded products, and shouldn’t be surprised when we hear “What’s your best price for this blue widget?”.  And it’s pretty common to hear “Huh??” when we ask “What are you using that blue widget for?”. We’re all busy; way too busy.  And it’s so easy to go into […]

The Branding Bunch!!

What do YOU do when your work life is turned upside down, your entire team is working from home, and your customers are shut down by the executive order of the governor? What I did was reach out to some friends who own businesses similar to mine (visual communications & creative branding), and asked them […]

Team engagement should be germ resistant

Viruses, social distancing, Zoom meetings; OH MY!  What can kill your mojo faster than a worldwide pandemic? But the time for hand-wringing and whining has passed.  And one of the things King has been working on lately is making sure the culture we created over 20 years doesn’t slip away in one long germ-induced stupor.  […]

Masks are now part of the “uniform”

  In the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic face masks became mainstream. Most thought it was a short-term thing, never considering creating custom designs. And because masks were initially tied to disease and suffering, branding them seemed in bad taste. Boy how the tide has changed … These masks are not a passing fad, […]

Your team’s kids are now part of your team too!

This is our third in a series of Lean Into Work From Home posts; enjoy!   As an employer, you’re starting to find the positives in having some of your team working from home.  You need less office space, there are typically fewer distractions for you, and then there’s the productivity increases …  But for […]

Keep your WFH staff engaged with your mission

  This is our second in a series of Lean Into Work From Home posts; enjoy! It’s been 2 months, and we’re mostly worried about A) when can we start getting back to normal, and B) how the heck are we going to recover from this!  If your company is anything like mine, what got […]

Work From home is NOT going away!

  This is our first in a series of Lean Into Work From Home posts; enjoy!   You know, I know, we all know that COVID changed the face of the workplace for the last 60 days.  But if you think everything is going back to “normal” after the governor lifts the state of emergency, and […]

10 Tips for Building your Network Remotely

  Whether you’re a newly-minted remote worker or have been a road warrior for years, here are 10 ways you can build and strengthen your tribe; Listen!  I’m pretty proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished in my time on this rock. But when I manage to stop talking about myself and shut up, I […]

Don’t be a lazy networker

“Lazy” and “Networker” might seem mutually exclusive, but I can assure you, as someone with some laziness tendencies, it’s not.   For some, networking comes naturally. My friend Barry Schlecker came out of the womb as a schmoozer. But for most of us, we’ve had to work at it. I personally have developed my networking […]